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Easter Seals Rhode Island

Is proud to be a certified Early Intervention Provider for children birth to age three.
Do you have concerns about your child’s ability to see, talk, hear, move, eat, play? 
Would you like to learn more about the newest state contracted Early Intervention provider? 

Call today to learn about how Easter Seals’ Early Intervention services are provided in the natural environment using national best practices without long waiting times to begin services.

To talk to someone about your concerns, call our early intervention team at (401) 284-1000.

Mason King_Red Border

It’s a day-to-day process, but we wouldn’t change him for the world!

In March 2011, Jason and Maria King welcomed their baby boy Mason into this world. Immediately, their new family member was whisked away by doctors leaving the first-time Mom and Dad wondering what was happening to their little boy. The King’s doctor suspected Mason was going to be smaller than the average newborn, and when the five-pound baby was born the doctor called a geneticist to consult. Mason was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). To read Mason's full story please click here.


The True Definition of Friendship...

About one year ago, fate brought these two little girls together and they have been friends ever since. Both girls were diagnosed with Down syndrome and their parents had turned to Easter Seals RI for services. Click here to read Celia and Valentina's Easter Seals story. 

Fiona Client Story

 An Unstoppable Force...

The second you meet 14 month-old Fiona Doyle, you will certainly fall in love. This charming little girl has a contagious smile and bubbly personality and, it won’t take you long to realize, she has an unstoppable drive that will leave you inspired.Click here to read Fiona's Easter Seals story.

To watch Fiona's story, please click here

Early Intervention client Rainy

The Joys of Living in the Woods...

Rainy was born at 26 weeks weighing under 1? pounds. “Rainy is a perfect example of how resilient children can be. Considering what she went through in the first months of life, it is amazing to see how she has progressed,” says Service Coordinator Rachel Corr, RN. Click here to read Rainy's Easter Seals story.

Easton French - Early Intervention

He Amazes Us Everyday...

"We've learned that it doesn’t matter what issues a child has, Easter Seals will be there through anything," says Keri French whose 1 year old son, Easton, has made great strides with the support of Easter Seals after being born 10 weeks prematurely. Click here to read Easton's Easter Seals story.

Lilly May

Inspiration, Will and Drive in One, Tiny Package

Take one look at Lilly May Pearce and she just draws you in. It could be her happy smile, her bubbly laugh or those squeezable pink cheeks. Or, it could be the fact that when you look at her, you know you’re looking at a miracle. Click here to read her Easter Seals story.


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